G Suite in kenya: Office collaboration and productivity tool
Google Suite for Business in Kenya

G Suite: Make Workplace Communication Seamless

G Suite is a brand of cloud productivity and collaboration tool that has changed workplace communication. It has the feel and look of the standard Gmail account, except that your email is not example@gmaill.com, but rather name@yourdomain.com. This makes it intuitive and professional to use for business purposes.
It has all Gmail features, which are enhanced to give you an optimal experience and enable you to communicate efficiently. Some of the features include:

  1. Calendar: You can schedule meetings and set up reminders. Also, you can sync the calendar across all devices.
  2. Hangouts: Whether you are in office or at home, you can use hangouts to collaborate on video calls and keep your team together.
  3. Google Drive: G Suite comes with 30TB storage. You can store and share large files effortlessly and have access to advanced file management features.

More collaboration, Less effort

Word Processing and Spreadsheet are common tools that you use in your workplace, or even home. G Suite comes with these apps in form of Google Docs and Google sheets. The two enable you to create and edit text documents and spreadsheets within your browser. What’s more, you can import documents you create to your desktop or share them via gmail. Google has also made it possible to collaborate. You can create a document and give permissions to other people to make changes. This enhances cooperation within teams working on the same project or task.

Additionally, G Suite allows you to collaborate and comment on Ms Office files. This makes it easy to collaborate with other individuals, without buying additional software.

Experience the ease of use, security, and speed of G Suite, the ultimate communication tool.

G Suite in kenya


G Suite comes with multifactor authentication & strong encryption for data sent over the internet and when it is stored in data centers


You will always find a helping hand close by with support coming from us in conjunction with Google to always ensure full support.


Completely ad free suite enhances your team's ability to focus on work and get more stuff done. Say goodbye to those irritating pop-ups.



Abundant storage across all the Google Apps powered by Google's Cloud platform is an integral part of how Google enables collaboration

99.9% UPTIME

With a 99.9% up-time guarantee, G Suite never lets you down. The servers are always up to ensure that all services will be up.


With mobile support for the complete suite of apps, work will never stop and business will never sleep.

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