Do you know your personal details can be retrieved from your domain? When registering a domain name, you have to provide details such as name and phone number. Otherwise, your domain can be terminated. Such personal information exposes you to many threats such as identity theft, spam emails, and unwanted calls. This is why Domain Privacy is essential.

With our domain privacy protection solution, you can safeguard your personal information from the WHOIS database. You’ll remain the owner of your domain name but your contact information will be safe.  


Domain Privacy Services Crystal Host Kenya

Keep personal information safely locked away.

As low as 
Kes 1160/yr per domain

  • Protects against identity theft
  • Prevents domain-related spam
  • Safeguards you info from competitors 
  • Deters hijacker
  • Prevents Unwanted Calls 
  • Reduces spam to your inbox
  • Shields you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


The WHOIS directory is a searchable list of every single domain name registered in the world, including the names, addresses and other details of the people who own them.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires accredited registrars to publish this information in the WHOIS listing as soon as the domain is registered.


Instead of displaying your personal information in the WHOIS database for all to see, our WHOIS privacy solution uses our partner Domains By Proxy to replace this with its own details. The domain will belong to you – except now, you and Domains By Proxy will be the only ones who know it.


The short answer is yes. The name, address and phone number you submit when you register your domain is publicly accessible by anyone at any time. This may be good news if you have a domain name you’d like to sell. Or it may be bad news if your name and contact info is collected by a spammer, hacker or cyber-criminal. This makes it critical to have an ID protect solution to keep your information safe. 


Privacy Protection through Domains By Proxy gives you full control over your domain names while protecting you from identity theft, domain-related spam and domain name hijacking.

Domains By Proxy even creates a private and unique email address for each domain name. You get to decide if you want the email forwarded to you, filtered, or completely blocked.